Instructor:  Mr. Armstrong andya@eupschools.org


    This course is an elective class designed for proficient swimmers who have skill in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke, rhythmic breathing, diving and underwater swimming. The class includes basic to advanced skill work in the following competitive strokes: Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  Training techniques will cover endurance, power, and sprint work.  Various training equipment will be utilized in each technique.  Students will also participate in other activities outside of the pool setting such as the gym and weight room.


                   CLASS RULES

    Students must put forth a good effort, respect others, follow all directions and take care of the equipment. Participation is mandatory therefore students must be here on time and be prepared.  Individual assignments may be given or modified.



    Attendance and participation are mandatory. Students are responsible for material covered when they are absent. They must report to the instructor upon return to class and materials will be given to them.



    A point system will be used determine each students grade for each nine-week marking period.

    Class participation-   10 pts/day  = approximately 450 points

    Skill tests-   10-50 points per test


    Participation-Students can earn 400-450 points during each nine week marking period. A NO DRESS constitutes the loss of points for a FULL letter grade. Points can also be deducted when a student chooses not to follow class rules or directions. And different assignments can be given.  Written and Skills tests will be given throughout each nine weeks.  Each tests will be worth 10-50. points and will be a combination of both written and skill work. 



    A doctor’s note is the ONLY excuse that will be accepted.  Students who do not participate must produce a doctor’s excuse that day or upon returning to class the following day.  Parent notes excusing students from participation will not be accepted.

    Students may be given modified assignments.



                   NO DRESS

    Students who choose not to dress and participate may be required to make up all unexcused days before or after school.  Students are not allowed to bring other class work into the PE class.  A full letter grade drop will occur if a student chooses not to dress.



    Students will lose points toward their grade for being late.  Students may be given alternative assignment or have to make up the time before or after school.



                   ARRIVAL & DISMISSAL

    Students will be given five minutes prior to the beginning of class to dress and 15-20 minutes end of class to shower and change.  Students may not leave the activity area without permission.  Students must wait in the gym area after showering until the bell dismisses them. 



    Pool:  Swim trunks or swimsuit, and towel. Gym equipment:  non marking gym shoes, shorts/sweats, and a t-shirt It is strongly recommended that students buy a combination lock and use it daily.  The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  Locks that are left on lockers overnight may be cut off by the maintenance department. 

    Swimming goggles are highly recommended.  These can be bought at any department store, Dunhams, or online swimming catalogs.



    No running, sliding, or excessive noise.  Absolutely NO GLASS items are allowed in the shower or locker room area.  Showers must be turned off when not in use.

    The floor in the locker room must be kept clean.



    Report all injuries or illnesses to the instructor immediately and the appropriate action will be taken.



    Have a GREAT semester!