• Spanish 1 Syllabus

    ¡Hola, Bienvenidos a la clase de Señor V.!

    Instructor Information:

    Profesor: Señor Edward van der Schalie

    Email: evanderschalie@eupschools.org

    Room: 167

    Phone: 906-635-3839 x5896

    Planning period: 1st Period (B Lunch) 



    Spanish I is a course designed to introduce the student to all aspects of foreign language study, including grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  A cultural framework is provided throughout the duration of the course. Students will do research on various cultural topics in groups, with partners and in individual practice, depending on the subject. Emphasis is placed on conversation, vocabulary, and correct usage of the language. Correct pronunciation and oral proficiency are primary goals, which will be achieved through an emphasis on listening and speaking. The classroom experience will provide an appreciation and development of cultural awareness through various readings, media resources and authentic materials. I am looking forward to guiding you on this journey learning Spanish, which I know you will find many new and exciting experiences.


    Course Objectives:

    Proficiency is the Goal

    1. All four modalities: We listen, read, write, and speak in Spanish.

    2. Language and Culture: We use the language to explore our cultures, Spanish-speaking cultures, world cultures, and ancient cultures.

    3. Real world preparation: We use useful language in class so that we are prepared to communicate in the real world.

    4. Student Centered: We center our interactions on what each student needs, knows, and can do now and what each student needs to move forward.




    We will use Somos 1 which includes stories, songs, film, articles, art, legends and history.


    Required Materials:

    1. 3-ring binder (1 in. or larger) to keep graded papers, printed notes etc.… 

    2. Notebook (Warm-ups, apuntes (notes), entradas diarias.

    3. Loose leaf notebook paper (College or Wide rule).  

    4. Pencils and pens.

    5. Chromebook – Bring every day! Also, make sure to bring some earbuds or headphones for your Chromebook.



    The grade for the course consists of the following:


    Unit Tests: 30%

    Quizzes: 25%

    In-class assignments & projects: 25%

    Participation: 20%


    Grading Scale:


    A: 100-93         A- : 92-90        B+ : 89-87        B: 86-83           B- : 82-80         C+ : 79-77        C: 76-73


    C- : 72-70         D+: 69-67        D: 66-63          D- : 62-60        F: 59-0


    Homework/Daily Practice:

                Most work will be conducted in class and enough time will be given for students to complete their work in class. Occasionally, projects and other activities will require work outside of class with the due date given when the activity is assigned. You will have a Google Classroom that will mirror what we do in class. Assignments, worksheets, etc. will be posted in your Google Classroom. 



    1. Written quizzes and tests on each objective/skill will take place on a regular basis. THERE WILL BE POP QUIZZES ON OCCASION, SO PLEASE BE PREPARED. 
    2. Making Up Missed Quizzes and tests:  It is your responsibility to make up for missed quizzes and tests.  You have ONE WEEK upon your return to school to make up for any missed test or quiz for full credit.


    Cell Phones:


    Cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices are allowed to be used before school, after school, during passing time and during a student's lunch period.


    Cell phones are not to be used during class time. It is important for all students to be fully engaged in the lesson to be successful in class. 


     Students are provided with a secure area to leave their phones during class. Students who choose not to place their phones in this area may be required to do so if their phone is seen during class. They will get one warning. Phones must be on silent (no vibrations) in the secure area. 


    There may be specific times when phone usage is allowed by Señor V but that will be expressed at the beginning of the class period. 


    Students will be able to retrieve their phones in the last few minutes of class once given permission by Señor V.


    Classroom Procedures:


    1. Cleaning – Paper towels and disinfectant spray are available to students who wish to wipe down their desk prior to the beginning of class. Desks are cleaned at the end of each day.
    2. Hand Sanitizer – Provided to all students in the dispenser by the door.
    3. Seating Chart – Will be in use all year. Initially, it will be alphabetical but will be changed throughout the year to accommodate students’ needs and promote a positive learning environment.
    4. Bathroom Breaks – Students may use the bathroom during class but not during instruction, using the following procedure:
      1. Students must wait until after the first 10 minutes of class before requesting to sign out using Smart pass.
      2. One student at a time will be allowed to sign out in Smart pass for bathroom breaks.
      3. Students can’t take their cell phones with them.
      4. Upon return, students must close their Smart pass.
      5. Students shouldn’t ask to leave the room while instruction is taking place.
    5. Entering Class
      1. Enter the classroom quietly, find your seat and begin your bell work.
      2. Secure your phone as soon as you enter the room in the pouch provided.
      3. The bell work will be on the board for students to complete at the beginning of class and students are expected to begin working on it when they arrive.
      4. You may chat quietly with a neighbor if you have completed your bell work, but bell work comes first.
      5. Do not use translators for work unless the class has been given permission.
    6. Bell work – Each day students will be selected at random (Wheel of Fortune) to put their bell work on the white board. All students should complete the bell work to the best of their ability prior to it being put on the whiteboard. Bell work for the week is turned in on Fridays for a weekly participation grade.
    7. Technology
      1. Phones – Will be stored in the pouches upon entering the classroom. They should never be at your desk until they are retrieved at the end of the hour.
      2. Chromebooks – Need to be brought to class every day. Many activities in class will be through your Chromebook and you will need it to access your online Google classroom.  Code for your class: ______________________________
    8. Absences – If you are gone from class for any reason, you can find any work for that day in your Google classroom. I will post any activities that require student completion (including bell work) the day prior in Google classroom. See the student handbook for maximum absences allowed.
    9. Assignments – Can be turned in through Google classroom, email, or physically in the box that corresponds to your hour on the table by Señor V’s desk.
    10. Late Assignments
      1.  All assignments are due on the assigned due date. All late work will still be given credit based on effort and timeliness. If turning in work late becomes a consistent issue, we will have an individual conversation to understand the causes and effects of the student's late work.
      2. If there is any missing work, it will be a 0 in the grade book until it is turned in. This is for a student to realize an assignment is missing. It is up to the student to turn in any missing work by the end of the unit / unit test.
    11. Food/Drink - No food; drinks are fine if they are in a sealable container. No gum!!
    12. Leaving Seat - Students should stay in seats unless given permission by the teacher.
    13. Using Spanish – It’s very important for students to always be paying attention in class to listen to and understand what they are hearing in Spanish. That is how we acquire language and become proficient. In Spanish 1, students will be able to give one word or a short answer to verbal responses to common questions.
    14. End of Class – Students will be permitted to pick up their phones from the pouches five minutes prior to dismissal. Then remain in their seats until the bell rings. No lining up by the door.
    15. Miscellaneous:
      1. Hats are permitted to be worn if they are in good taste and not disruptive to the learning environment. Hoods should remain uncovered.
      2. Backpacks need to be kept in lockers and not in the classroom. There is also space for backpacks in the main office as well as the CTE office.


    **All procedures are subject to change based on current environment/conditions.**

Last Modified on August 30, 2023